34 innocent children who were being trafficked from Bihar were rescued by Railway Protection Force (RPF) along with the Telangana police.

On Wednesday, Telangana police were informed about a child trafficking activity in the city of Hyderabad. With a swift movement Telangana police with the help of Railway Protection Force were able to save 34 minors who were being trafficked from Bihar to Secunderabad and Karanataka via the Kazipet Railway station. Four adult who were travelling with the children were detained.

What is child trafficking?

Child trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and is a global problem that affects millions of lives of children around the world. It involves the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of children for the purpose of exploitation, forced labor, organ trafficking, and forced marriage.

It can occur in person, via the internet, or by mail where innocent kids and families are lured into this. Child traffickers’ prey on children’s vulnerability and exploit them for their own profit. They often use false promises of a better life to lure children away from their families or take advantage of poverty and desperation. In some cases, children are sold by their own families for financial gain.

Effect on Children

The mental trauma faced by children due to the exploitation of their childhood and freedom is unexplainable, and due to heavy loads of work in such an young age, they will be put through so much physical pain leading to ill health.

Apart from the physical and mental trauma that these child face due to child trafficking, it also has a long-term economic impact. This might lead to a down graph of economic productivity, loss of income, and increased public health and social costs.

Child trafficking also has a significant impact on the child’s education, as they will be forced into situations where they cannot study or afford to study, hence will fail to receive an adequate education.

Child trafficking in India

India has seen the worst cases of child trafficking. It is a growing problem in India and many are affected by this. This devastating crime has been on the rise in recent years and its been observed that more and more children are being trafficked from state to state within the country or sometimes out of the country.

In India, child trafficking involves the recruitment and transportation of them for the purpose of exploitation. This exploitation can be of any type and might also include sexual exploitation. Children are also often sold to traffickers by their own parents.

Children are vulnerable to exploitation due to their age and economic status. Poverty in India is one of the main reasons behind child trafficking. Child traffickers in most cases target children and traffic living in extremely poor economic conditions. Children are sometimes lured by showing educational opportunities and also low-cost abroad education.

Although India has laws to protect children from trafficking, there is still a need for greater enforcement and implementation of these laws. Report child labor, child trafficking, and exploitation at , CHILDLINE 1098,

We all agree when they say “today’s children are tomorrow’s children”, but why are we failing to protect them? What should be done to change this? Share your thoughts in our comment section and stay updated to

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