India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is currently on a tour to the Maldives, this tour is considered very important for the security of the Indian Ocean, and it was said that there are many reasons behind this.

On his visit, from 1 May 2023 to 3 May 2023 the defense mister Rajnath Singh will be meeting the Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, the Foreign Defense Minister Abdulla Shahid, and Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi. And along with meeting the officials, military hardware, fast patrolling ship, and landing craft were given to the Maldives by India; all these will be going to the Maldives National Defense Forces.

It is still not known why India would give that sophisticated machinery and beneficiary funds to the Maldives and it is believed that there is definitely a big reason behind India wanting to keep healthy ties with the Maldives. Is it related to stopping China from taking over the country and attaining power over the islands? Let us take a look –

Abdullah Yameen the former Maldivian president and served the Maldives in 2013. Abdullah was a pro-China leader and strongly supported the country, it is still a question of why he did so. In Yameen’s 5-year tenure, created ways for China to enter Maldives. In those 5 years, China has made an investment of over $1.4 billion in Maldives, most of which was as a loan. The loan includes road projects, buildings, corporate houses, and railway projects along with 100 more projects.

Yameen tried his best to get the Maldives into the hands of China because you can see that Yameen signed the free trade agreement deal for China which means China doesn’t have to pay any kind of tax for its exports in Maldives.  

China is a dominant and powerful country and is trying to take over Maldives, this is because Maldives’s GDP is $5.4 billion which is very low and with that low growth it is hard for Maldives to repay its loans. And hence, China wants to play its debt game and take control of Maldives just like it took control of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota.

If Maldives fails to pay its debt to China, then it is possible that China takes advantage of that situation and might take over the country. If China takes over Maldives, then it is possible that China might build its military port there too.

If China builds its military ports in Maldives, then there is no way India can tackle China in the future if any glitch arises as China’s military ports are surrounding India.

Keeping this in mind, the Indian government along with Rajnath Singh gave support to the Maldives in the form of machinery and funds. This will help the Maldives government if they have plans of paying back China.

This move by the Indian government is foreseen and really great. So let us express our support to the government in this. What are your thoughts – tell us in the comments and stay with us at

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