Pakistani-born Canadian journalist cum author cum public speaker is no more. Tarek Fatah known for being an open critic and for his open fight against Islamic extremism died on Monday. The deceased was battling with cancer for a few days and had gone leaving the world in sorrow.

Tarek Fatah was born in Pakistan’s Karachi on the 20th of November in the year 1949. After the two countries experienced division, Rarek’s Punjabi Muslim parents relocated to Karachi.

The author, who was born in Pakistan, immigrated to Canada in the early 1980s, or in 1987, and is now a Canadian novelist. The Muslim Canadian Congress was founded by Fatah, who is also the creator and host of the Internet TV program – The Muslim Chronicle. The Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophy is what fuels his passion.

When he was a journalist for the Karachi Sun in 1970, Tarek, a journalist, and activist, was the first person to criticize the Pakistani Army. Despite this, he spoke the truth about himself despite this being his first experience in the world of media.

Tarek Fatah, who had a keen interest in politics, had earlier belonged to the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP), but his political career was not successful. The biochemistry graduate has always had a strong interest in politics, but because he was aware of Pakistani political attitude, he made the decision to oppose it. He who opposed Islamic philosophy and culture occasionally championed Hinduism in India. He once said, in passing, that he prefers to be born a Hindu in India rather than a Muslim.

Tarek was specifically opposed to terrorism and Islamic dominance in Pakistan. He also battled for the rights of women and girls, Baloch independence, and Hijab protesters, among many other causes that infringed on fundamental human rights. He promoted Baloch independence while standing up for the Baloch people. He has advocated for support for Baloch separatists and questioned the legitimacy of the state. He believes that when Balochistan declares independence, the rest of Pakistan will ally with India.

Additionally, Tarek used to frequently appear on radio and television shows. Many newspapers and periodicals also published the works of the renowned writer. His works “Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State” and “The Jew is Not My Enemy: Unveiling the Myths that Fuel Muslim Anti-Semitism” prominently detail Tarek’s beliefs and ideas.

Some Muslim organizations have accused Fatah of islamophobia due to his divisive views on Islam. He has also criticized what he terms the “intellectual stagnation” of the Muslim world and has been an outspoken opponent of the imposition of Sharia law in Canada. He has also been an outspoken supporter of minorities, homosexuals, and women in the Islamic faith. Fatah has been an outspoken supporter of greater integration of Muslim immigrants into Canadian society and has been a vocal critic of Islamic terrorism.

There is so much to talk about the great activist and simply praising him is not enough. It is hard to believe that the great personality is no more with us. It is still proud to say that his life is a series of protests and activities that he had done for people and not himself. We pay tribute to the gone soul and hope he is at peace now. The world will never forget what he had done for its people and his sacrifices.

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