Indian Pharma Industry woke up to yet another liability. Cough syrup manufactured in Punjab is stated to contain contaminants that are toxic and might cause serious illnesses. In this latest news, a Punjab-made cough syrup which is marketed by a Haryana firm and is used in the distant islands of Marshall and the country Micronesia was held and blamed for being contaminated.

World Health Organization’s fresh statement made about the Punjab-based cough syrup said that the cough syrup that is consumed across the Marshall Islands and the country Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean is said to have toxic amounts of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol. It is confirmed that these two chemicals are toxic to the human body and can cause fatalities.

This cough syrup was reported and sent to the laboratories for testing on April 6 and the official results revealed that this cough syrup is contaminated by toxic amounts of two chemicals. This cough syrup that is stated in the notice is manufactured by a Punjab manufacturing company namely QP PharmaChem Ltd and is sold by Trillium Pharma of Haryana. And the name of the cough syrup is – Guaifenesin Syrup TG Syrup (by Trillium marketing firm).

As per current records, only the Marshall Islands and the Micronesia country are said to be using this syrup. But it is suspected that this syrup might be on sale in Western Pacific countries other than Micronesia through various marketing authorizations. Not just the countries in the Pacific region but other countries were also given an alert about this cough syrup as it might be on sale through illegal sales.

Consumption of this syrup can cause problems starting from minor illness to death causing illness. The effects of consuming this syrup can be – severe headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and kidney injury to a great extent leading to death. The manufacturer company – QP PharmaChem was approached by a newspaper media and when asked about the issue said that they have no idea about the export of their product in Micronesia and stated that their last export was done three years ago in 2020 and it was 18,336 bottles of the syrup to Cambodia.

It was also said that the cough syrup might have expired by now and the manufacturing company also questioned why someone would do a sample test on expired products. They expressed concern and confusion over how their product was exported to the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.

Sudheer Pathak, the executive of PharmaChem in his words said “We don’t export to the Marshall Islands or Micronesia” and added, “We don’t understand why they tested samples that are expired”. He also explained that this issue should be seriously investigated.

This is the alert notice by WHO –

Since October 2022 this is 4th case where products from Indian Pharma Industry are sent on sample tests and are made to hold blame in controversies related to quality. The series of events are making people doubt if these are just tricks to defame the Indian government and Indian Pharma Industry.

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