India announces 268 new cases of COVID-19, with two deaths each day.

India announces 268 new cases of COVID-19, with two deaths each day.

India announces 268 new cases of COVID-19, with two deaths each day.

According to the covid bulletin sent by the Union health ministry on Thursday, 268 new coronavirus infections and two fatalities were reported in India in the previous 24 hours. 3,552 new cases were reported as active cases, bringing the total number of cases documented in the nation since the pandemic’s arrival in 2020 to 4.46 crore. The death toll was 530,698.

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According to the ministry, the country’s recovery rate is 98.80%, and active cases make up 0.01% of all infections.

As of right moment, there are 1,275 current cases in Karnataka, 1,389 in Kerala, 164 in Maharashtra, 91 in Odisha, 88 in Rajasthan, 60 in Tamil Nadu, 46 in Uttar Pradesh, and 58 in West Bengal.

In the past 24 hours, the nation performed more than 2,36,919 tests, bringing the overall number of tests to 91.04 crore.

More than 220.08 crore vaccine doses have been given to eligible individuals nationwide as part of the COVID vaccination campaign. There have been about 99,231 doses given over the past 24 hours.

In the meantime, INSACOG, which is governed by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), is closely monitoring the covid situation in the nation and has been carrying out genome sequencing to monitor new varieties.

Additionally, surveillance at hospitals continues to keep track of cases of influenza-like sickness (LLI) & SARI.

Government representatives have urged people to heed safety precautions and finish their vaccinations, warning that the next 40 days will be key in determining whether or not there will be a return of covid-19 cases in India.

The central government has increased covid readiness as a result of the high number of covid cases that have been recorded in China and other nations.

The government intends to request RT-PCR test reports from travellers coming from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea, according to the officials. They added that it may also require travellers from these six nations to complete “Air Suvidha” forms, under which 72-hour prior RT-PCR testing will be required starting next week.

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