“I’ve been chosen as chief minister. Who Are You?” Arvind Kejriwal v/s Lieutenant Governor.

“I’ve been chosen as chief minister. Who Are You?” Arvind Kejriwal v/s Lieutenant Governor.

The Delhi government’s proposal to send elementary school teachers to Finland for training has been abandoned, according to the AAP, because of the Lieutenant Governor.

Arvind Kejriwal, incensed, today criticized Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena for allegedly delaying a trip to Finland for teacher training, questioning whether he actually has a say in such matters.

The Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief minister, yelled, “LG, who?” during a vehement speech at the special assembly meeting scheduled to discuss the Lieutenant Governor’s alleged constant overreach, according to the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

“What LG is this? He is perched on top of us. He has no right to determine how our kids should be educated. These adults have allowed our kids to remain illiterate. The LG lacks the ability to stop us. In life, nothing is permanent. With our LG, we might be in charge at the Centre tomorrow. No one will be harassed by our government, “added Kejriwal.

“My teachers have never checked my schoolwork in the manner in which this LG is doing it, while also criticising my handwriting and spelling…

He is not my teacher, is he? I was chosen to be the chief minister “The AAP-dominated House laughed at Mr. Kejriwal’s joke.

The Lieutenant Governor has been charged by Mr. Kejriwal and his party for abandoning the Delhi government’s plan to send elementary school teachers to Finland for training. Insisting that all he sought was a cost-benefit study, Mr. Saxena has vehemently denied it.

“I retorted, “Who are you to request a cost-benefit analysis?” to the Lt. Governor. My electorate chose me. He claimed, “The President selected me.” Like the British choose viceroys, I remarked. “You bloody Indians, you don’t know how to govern,” viceroys would remark. Currently, you (Lt. Governor) are accusing the Delhiwalas of being incompetent in terms of governance “The chief minister of Delhi exploded.

Mr. Kejriwal claimed that the Lieutenant Governor boasted that he was the reason the BJP won 104 seats in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections in December.

The AAP leader claimed that Mr. Saxena had said that the BJP would win all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the upcoming general election because of him. “He told me during a meeting that BJP won 104 seats in the MCD polls because of him and that they wouldn’t have won even 20 seats without him,” he added.

He claimed that the Lt Governor lacks the authority to make judgements on his own. “The Supreme Court has clearly ruled that he cannot take a call on topics barring the police, land and public order,” Mr Kejriwal remarked.

Along with displaying a list of “Children of BJP MPs, MLAs, and Ministers who have studied overseas,” the Delhi Chief minister asserted that everyone should have access to the greatest education.

The Lieutenant Governor claimed he wanted the administration to think about training the teachers domestically yesterday while denying that he had blocked the teachers’ travel. Any claim to the contrary is purposefully false and driven by malice, he said.

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