It’s been 3 years since the Myanmar Military took over the country after it seized power from the then-ruling government and there haven’t been many appearances of it since then but now it is back on the headlines again.

100 dead including children and women in Myanmar after the country’s military airstrikes on a village. The airstrike was reportedly on a ceremony held by opponents of army rule and hence took the lives of people who were attending, as per a witness’s report.

On April 11, 2023, more than 100 people gathered in Pa Zi Gyi village, for an opening ceremony of the People’s Administration Team office, and at around 8 am attack by Myanmar’s military was made on this area as the ceremony was held by opponents of army rule.

A witness made a statement saying that 2 bombs were dropped on the place by the MI-35 military council aircraft that appeared from nowhere. This is the Myanmar Military’s most destructive attack since 2021. It can be seen that the Myanmar Military’s attack technique changed and more like improved in terms of strategy.

It was stated that the place where the attack happened has seen many so many fighting and has a history of intense anti-military resistance movements. And when questioned by the media, the Myanmar military tried to justify the attack by saying that it was on and against the shadow government functioning.

Pictures of the place that was attacked are circulating around social media, the pictures show how deadly the attack was. In some pictures, we can see dead bodies and destroyed vehicles. the attack’s victims included schoolchildren who were performing dances at the ceremony. The building (the office that was aimed at) was destroyed completely by the bomb blast and only the charred frame of the building remained.

Myanmar’s Military always had a history of attacking its civilians ruthlessly ever since the country’s independence in 1948. This time the wrath of the Myanmar Military ended 100s lives out of which 16 are children.

Many from all over the world reacted to the incident, and the UN also spoke about it. This behavior of the country’s military was strongly condemned by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, he also said that people who are responsible for this should be held accountable and called the military to end violence in the country.

Rest in Peace to all the victims of the attack, let’s hope that the country soon finds its peace. What are your thoughts on this, let us know with your comments.

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