The most awaited part two of Ponniyin Selvan hit the screen on 28/04/2023 seven months after the first. Having casted top Tamil stars, Ponniyin Selvan earned a lot of fame from fans all over India. Ponniyin Selvan is Mani Ratnam’s blockbuster in which he gave life to a Tamil historical novel.

Tamil stars Vikram, Karthi, Jayam Ravi, and Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, South Indian actresses Trisha Krishnan, Nayanthara, and Tollywood’s precious Prakash Raj, Sarath Kumar, Jayaram, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Nassar, Sathyaraj, and Chiranjeevi are all cast as ancestors of Ponniyin Selvan.

The plot revolves around Aditya Karikalan, a Chola prince, and his efforts to restore the Chola kingdom in the 9th century. The film is set against the backdrop of the Chola dynasty and concentrates on the political intrigues and human interactions that arise from the Pandya-Chola power struggle. It also discusses the difficulties Aditya Karikalan faces in his efforts to restore the Chola kingdom to its former glory. The soundtrack was gorgeously composed by A. R. Rahman.

The film portrays the deeds of Arulmozhi Varman, the heir to the throne of the royal family of Chola, as he begins a quest to find his identity and his rightful role in the country. Along the way, he meets many characters who help him on his journey, including the beautiful princess Kundavai, the loyal warrior Vanathi, the wise sage Vaduga Nambi, and the fierce Pazhuvertaraiyar. Arulmozhi encounters various hurdles and learns lessons along the way that will aid him in his pursuit of the truth. The film is replete with breathtaking views of the Chola monarchy, grand castles, and lush flora, giving it a visual treat.

“The Conspiracy Deepens” is the title of Ponniyin Selvan’s Part Two. The story keeps going with Raja Raja Chola’s crowning ceremony, which is disrupted by the appearance of an unexplained apparition who begins to sing an ancient prophecy. The figure asserts that if the crown of glory is placed on Raja Raja’s head, the Chola kingdom will be destroyed. Raja Raja is keen to find out who this individual is and what the prophecy signifies after the commotion. Meanwhile, the Pazhuvertaraiyar family is at odds over how to handle the situation. While Parthibendran and Kundavai are determined to discover the identity of the mysterious figure, Vandiyathevan is dispatched to the Chola court to notify them of the Pazhuvertaraiyar’s loyalty.

Kalki Krishnamurthy penned the historical Tamil novel, Ponniyin Selvan. The piece was republished in Kalki magazine between 1950 and 1952 and chronicles the narrative of Aditya Karikalan, a Chola prince who is the heir apparent to the Chola kingdom in the 10th century.

The tale is set in a vibrant and mighty Chola dynasty where the crown prince and his family find themselves caught in a power struggle between two competitors vying for the throne. The plot follows the prince as he strives to reinstate the legitimate successor to the throne, his sister Kundavai, while also uncovering a sinister conspiracy that threatens the nation.

The novel has been hailed as one of the most influential works of Tamil literature, owing to its convoluted plot and vivid depictions of South Indian culture. It has served as the inspiration for countless films, television series, and theatrical plays. This Tamil literature has its various versions, including English, and Telugu. Many historical fictional works in Tamil literature have been inspired by the novel.

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