Jackie Chan says, “Rush Hour 4” is currently being developed at the Red Sea Film Festival.

Jackie Chan told the festival crowd that he intends to do “few action stories, more love stories” in the future despite having a long and successful career in action films.

Jackie Chan’s announcement that a fourth “Rush Hour 4” movie is officially in production pleased his fans. During a performance at this week’s Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the 68-year-old actor announced the news.

Rush Hour 4

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Rush Hour 4
Rush Hour 4

On Thursday, Mr. Chan told the audience at the festival, “We’re talking about part 4 (of Rush Hour) right now,” adding that he would be seeing the film’s director to go through the script. The renowned action star told Deadline that the “writing isn’t appropriate” for the movie right now, but he did not name the aforementioned director.

In 1998, Brett Ratner’s first “Rush Hour” movie was released. Chris Tucker also appeared in the movie. While Mr. Chan portrayed Hong Kong police detective Inspector Lee in the film, Mr. Tucker portrayed detective James Carter of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Mr. Chan discussed his experience accepting the first film in Hollywood during his speech at the occasion. Despite the fact that “Rush Hour” is now regarded as a treasured classic, he acknowledged to being shocked by both its commercial and critical success, according to Complex.

He said, “We were $70 million in the first weekend.” “I received a call from [director] Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker in New York. They’re wild.” He continued, “As for me, I don’t know how to count.”

Mr. Chan also talked about how he got his start in the film industry working as a stuntman for Bruce Lee, who he said got to know him on the set of “Fist of Fury” and frequently hired him for overtime work so that he could earn more money from the production. The action hero also announced to the crowd that 2022 will commemorate his 60th year in the movie industry.

Nevertheless, Mr. Chan informed the festival audience that he intends to make “few action stories, more love stories” in the future despite his lengthy and prosperous career in action films. According to Deadline, he claimed to be working on a project that he defined as a “drama film for ladies.”

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