Student Asked PM, "Is It Hard Work or Smart Work?" His Answer

Student Asked PM, “Is It Hard Work or Smart Work?” His Answer

Student Asked PM, “Is It Hard Work or Smart Work?” His Answer

“Pariksha Pe Charcha”: A student also questioned PM Modi about what was more crucial throughout the discussion. Effortless or clever labour?

During his annual “Pariksha Pe Charcha,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with parents, teachers, and students today. He gave youngsters advice on maintaining a balance between hard effort and smart work throughout the conversation and cautioned parents against placing undue pressure on kids regarding grades.

“Parents, please refrain from putting pressure on your kids. The Prime Minister added that at the same time, students should not underrate their potential.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi at “Pariksha Pe Charcha”.

“It is absolutely normal for family members to have a lot of expectations, and there is nothing wrong with that,” he added. However, if the family members’ expectations are based on social position, it is cause for concern.

A student questioned PM Modi during the conversation, “What is more critical? Effortless or clever labour?”

The Prime Minister made the joke that “some individuals work hard but scarcely smart” He advised that in order to get the desired outcomes, “we should study the intricacies of these areas and should work accordingly.”

By using the parable of “The Thirsty Crow,” PM Modi explained to students how to distinguish between hard labour and clever work.

Every year, during “Pariksha Pe Charcha,” the prime minister speaks with students about topics including exam preparation and stress. He also illustrated the value of concentration using a cricket analogy.

Students should concentrate on their work, PM Modi remarked, “much like a batter focuses on the ball thrown to him disregarding the chants of fours and sixes from the crowd.” “Do not allow pressures to stifle you. Be attentive, “Added he.

The prime minister emphasised the value of time management and suggested that the students pick up the ability from their mothers. “Have you ever seen how well your mother manages her time? Despite doing a lot of work, mothers never feel burdened. Your mother will teach you how to effectively manage your time if you watch her “he informed the students.

Several students also questioned him on how he responds to criticism from the media and the opposition. PM Modi replied in a clever way to that. He declared, “This is an issue off the syllabus.” Critique, he continued, “is like purification in a democracy.” PM Modi continued, “Critique is essential for a healthy democracy.”

The Talkatora Indoor stadium in New Delhi hosted the sixth iteration of the interaction. This year, more than 38 lakh students signed up to take part in Pariksha Pe Charcha, of which more than 16 lakh are from state boards. PM Modi was outspoken in his opposition to the use of unethical tactics in exams.

“Cheating might help someone pass one or two exams, but it won’t benefit them in the long run. Never go the quick route. Students who work hard will always advance in life, “added he.

Students should occasionally examine the strain placed on them to determine whether they are overestimating their capabilities, he continued.

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