Transgenders struggle for police jobs in Karimnagar

Transgenders struggle for police jobs in Karimnagar

Transgenders struggle for police jobs in Karimnagar (1)

Transgenders struggle for police jobs in Karimnagar

Five members clear the first hurdle in preliminary examinations for police recruitment.

Five female members of the transgender community are gearing up to fight for equality. Five of them actually cleared the first round, and passed the preliminary tests for the police recruitments held by the Telangana State Government, and preparing for physical test and the sole aim is to lead a dignified life by getting government jobs.

one of the 5 transgender community women, desire to become a sub-inspector, took the first step. Other Four has been admitted to the Constables for the Recruitment Examinations. But as there is no separate category for the transgender community, the women of the transgender community apply under the male category on the basis of their SSC certificate.

Since the announcement of the physical test schedule, 5 transgender women, we are ready for the physical test. Let’s get inspired by K. Prithika Yashini Kada from Tamil Naidu, who got the job as Police Sub Inspector as the first transgender woman in the country.

Police Sub-Inspector Prithika Yoshini once she approaches to the court to reach her goal. If they do not allow us to take the physical test in Warangal on December 9, we will also approach the court. They spoke.

Another member of the group, Sravya, who qualified for the physical test with a score of 72, reaffirmed their resolve by claiming that they would be unable to compete with men in the tests because of the many physical changes brought on by gender affirmation procedures.

Because they couldn’t compete with men in physical testing, they went to police higher-ups when the notification for police recruiting was made public and asked for a special reservation along the lines of women. Sravya claims that the officials instructed them to apply first before promising to investigate the situation later.

“Instead of being humiliated by others while soliciting charity, we wish to live a decent life by joining the government. The chances are slim, but we’re determined to fight nevertheless,” she remarked.

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