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Every day we wake up to another woman drowning in the lust of a man, or more like we wake up to another man making a woman’s life a hell hole.

“Not every man” is a phrase that is used against every woman who tries to speak up about the pain that men make women undergo. But let me ask you, will you be okay if a guy treats your sister the same way you treat a girl on the street?

Exactly, just because you respect your own mother and the ladies of your family does not mean you are a gentleman, you are one when you know to respect every woman out there.

You say “stay safe”, and “share your location” when your family woman goes out because even you know how it is out there. If I cannot walk freely in my own country, where should I turn to, for a safe place?

A place that is home to numerous temples for goddesses, is not a home for its own girl child. Because every day a girl child cries – not in the lap of the mother, but in the scarred palms. Let me bring up some issues to your knowledge, that’ll help realize what’s going on.


1. Raped at a gunpoint by my co-workers – @UP

A prominent shopping mall with high security for its products couldn’t provide a safe environment for a woman. The incident took place on 27th of February 2023 but came to light recently when the victim came forward to speak about it. A 34-year-old worker at a famous shopping mall in the UP was raped by her co-worker. The woman was married and has been working as a house keeping staff in the mall. On the 27th February evening when the woman has gone to change herself after the shift, the security guard of the mall forcefully entered into the changing room and pointed a gun at her. The man forced himself onto her and raped her at gunpoint. He was accompanied by two others – a supervisor and a housekeeper, who were said to be standing outside the room while the accused was committing crime. The woman was threatened by the three and was warned to not open her mouth about what had happened. The three also added that she’d have to pay with her husband’s life, if she opens her mouth.

2. “Nothing can save us, not even age” – Molested at the age of 16 – @Mumbai

They went to the same Madrassa; he saw her there. The accused is 22 and stated that he had sexual intentions towards the victim who is 16. On the day of the crime, the accused planned his moves and waited for the girl, outside the madrassa. When the girl dropped her younger sibling and was returning home, the accused got hold of the girl from behind and gagged her with his hand. The victim stated that the 22-year-old forced her to a nearby abandoned hutment and touched her inappropriately. The girls muffled cries couldn’t reach much help but were heard by a person in the nearby hutment. When the person approached the two, the accused flew and the victim was safely handed over to her family.

No, we are not dramatic, no! we are not playing a victim card. We are actually suffering and how many more assaults should happen for you to realize? Our age doesn’t matter, our dress doesn’t matter, our relationship doesn’t matter, our job doesn’t matter! Then what does? What stops these? 

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