Abhay Deol describes Anurag Kashyap as a liar and a toxic person, saying, "He told a lot of lies about me."

Abhay Deol describes Anurag Kashyap as a liar and a toxic person, saying, “He told a lot of lies about me.”

Abhay Deol describes Anurag Kashyap as a liar and a toxic person, saying, “He told a lot of lies about me.”

The film director Anurag Kashyap is a liar and a toxic individual, according to Bollywood actor Abhay Deol, who claimed this on Saturday. The pair had collaborated on the 2009 smash movie “Dev D.”

At an interview with Mid-Day, the actor, who has been promoting his web series “Trial By Fire,” claimed that Anurag Kashyap had lied to the media about him numerous times, including that he had sought a room in a five-star hotel when filming the movie Dev D. Deol continued by saying that Kashyap had instructed him not to remain with the film’s crew since he is a “Deol.”

Anurag made false statements about me in front of the people. During the filming of Dev D, I allegedly demanded a hotel room at a five-star resort. Having really approached me, he had stated, “Listen, you can’t stay with us; you’re a Deol.” Therefore, I want to book a hotel room for you. That is what he actually said. He claimed to the press that I made the demand, according to Deol.

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Abhay Deol, Anurag Kashyap file photo

Notably, Anurag Kashyap indicated in a 2020 interview with Huffpost that Abhay Deol wanted to make creative movies but also wanted to gain from the mainstream, notably the benefit of being a “Deol.”

“Abhay aspired to make creative movies but also wanted to succeed with the general public. The advantages and comforts of being a “Deol.” For a movie that was created on a very small budget, he would remain in a five-star hotel while the entire cast stayed in Paharganj. Additionally, a factor in why many of his directors left him, Kashyap has claimed.

“I had my heart on my sleeve, and all that is beautiful — but you get taken advantage of, and then you get reactive,” Abhay Deol continued. Ashyap was a good teacher as a result. I simply ignored him after that since I don’t need poisonous individuals in my life. There is still so much to discover, and life is too short. However, Kashyap is undeniably a liar and a poisonous individual. I’d also caution people to stay away from him.

Notably, Anurag Kashyap has garnered more attention for his contentious remarks than for his films. Recently, the director asserted that PM Modi’s advice to BJP officials to refrain from making divisive remarks regarding Bollywood films will have no effect because the “mob” has now become completely out of control.

If he had said these four years earlier, it would have mattered. Right now, I don’t think it will matter. Controlling their own people was the goal. Now, everything is out of control. I don’t think anybody would listen to anyone, Kashyap said during the premiere of the teaser for his next movie “Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat.”

Kashyap, who has also been the focus of numerous tax evasion and sexual harassment investigations, continued by referring to the audience as a “mob” and lamenting how it had gotten out of control. “By remaining silent, you strengthen bias and xenophobia. It has now become so powerful that it has power of its own. Kashyap declared that the mob was currently out of control.

Director of The Kashmir Files Vivek Agnihotri responded by wondering if Anurag Kashyap’s audiences have turned into a “riot.”

“Audience is now a mob? Wow! Wow! “Wow! Agnihotri tweeted,

It is noteworthy that Anurag Kashyap expressed hope that The Kashmir Files, a movie about the Islamists’ ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the Kashmir valley, would not be nominated for an Oscar last year.

In the interview, the contentious director had stated, “If we choose RRR as the picture, India might actually have a nomination in the final five. I have no idea which movie will be chosen. Not Kashmir Files, I hope.

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