MSEDCL employees in Maharashtra will strike for three days starting today.

MSEDCL employees in Maharashtra will strike for three days starting today.

MSEDCL employees in Maharashtra will strike for three days starting today.

The MSEDCL employees have protested the Maharashtra government’s purported attempt at privatisation by allowing the Adani business admission.

The Adani electrical company, which is requesting a power distribution licence for the Bhandup Zone, has been the target of a three-day strike announced by the employees’ union of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL), which will begin at midnight on Tuesday.

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The workers have objected to the government’s claimed attempt at privatisation by allowing admission to the Adani corporation. The unions asserted that the protest is primarily for customers rather than for employees and warned that if they do nothing, electricity prices may soon increase as private companies enter the market.

Using social media, the unions informed the public about the strike and urged people to prepare for it by storing enough water in tanks and having a backup electrical source.

In the meantime, a meeting of the MSEDCL employees’ union with state Electricity Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who is also the deputy Chief minister, has been scheduled for Wednesday at 1 pm at Sahyadri guest house.

The MSEDCL, also known as Mahavitaran, has a provision that keeps private companies on standby to operate and manage energy distribution services. Employees who join the walkout will face harsh punishment; the company has announced.

A 24-hour control room has also been set up by the MSEDCL in Mumbai, as well as at all of its zonal offices. Employees who are on leave have also been told to come back to work right away. It will also be eliminated when privately hired organisations join the strike.

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Retired officers, contract workers, employees, engineers, and others will be stationed in various power supply zones throughout the strike, according to the MSEDCL Public Relations Office. Additionally, customers can call the toll-free helplines 1800-212-3435/1800-233-3435/1912/19120 provided by the MSEDCL in the event of power outages during the three-day strike.

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