Gigi Hadid is one of the top 10 supermodels of this era and is always in the highlights of fashion news. Day or the other Gigi is always featured on the front page of fashion magazines. And this glorious star of the fashion industry made her appearance in India at Nita Mukesh Ambani’s event.

This Friday night Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center’s opening event witnessed stars from all over India. The star-studded event was added glory when Gigi Hadid stepped on the red carpet in a colorful attire designed by Rahul Mishra.

To our utter embarrassment, Gigi Hadid had to encounter some undisciplined paparazzi as soon as she stepped on the aisle. Gigi was there at this event in a beautifully designed set of floral-printed cords that were paired with a delicate but elegant necklace.

She was posing for the camera and the paparazzi didn’t seem to recognize her so they were caught making funny remarks, which she might not have understood but are surely disrespectful and unprofessional.

A video of Gigi at the event during her interaction with the paps went viral and the whole internet saw how unprofessional the paparazzi were with a supermodel. Netizens dropped comments on how disappointed they are with the behavior of the paps with a Global star, at a high-class event.

“Sorry to say, paps lack manners,” said one user, “Do these reporters know she is Gigi Hadid?” “Wtf is wrong with them?” said the other, “paps should be taught some manners”. These comments are enough to show how pissed the netizens are with the behavior of the paparazzi.

But Gigi definitely enjoyed being there at the event and posted some clicks from the night at the event, she also wrote thanking Rahul Mishra for the amazingly designed cord-set. Gigi wrote “thank you,

Rahul Mishra and all the artisans for your talent and time to make this incredibly intricate and special piece” thanking for the dress and adding, “it’s an honor to wear your work and celebrate Indian craftsmanship.” On her official Instagram page, Gigi posted the event pictures and her pictures in the dress.

The event was definitely a hit, Gigi’s presence was accompanied by Tom Holland and Zendaya which explains the viral picture of them being spotted in Mumbai. And some of the top Indian actors, actresses, and models were also present at the event and were seen in their classy fashion sense.

Indian Fashion Industry is developing and is yet to see some success, so let us hope we see it reach heights with our culture also being a part of it.

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