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‘Women’s corner’ is for everyone out there who says “not all men”. With no offense, we would like to tell you what we are afraid of and why? Here we shall discuss everything related to women – from the gender reveals to gender equality protests, from #justiceforwoman hashtags to that “women” comments.

We hope that whatever is being discussed here doesn’t trigger you or offend you in any way. Kindly consider quitting the article if you’re sensitive to assault or crime news.

Today we are here to bring some recent incidents to your sight, the incidents where – a woman is cornered. These are 3 different cases, reported in different places in the world, and in all the cases the common victim is – a woman.

The incidents that we are discussing today might have happened days or months ago but are brought to light in recent times, better late than never.

  1. Never thought I’d be raped for smoking – Bengaluru

It was on the 25th of March at around 9.30 pm, a 19-year-old who works in a private film was sitting with a male friend in a park in NGV. The two of them were spotted smoking by a neighbor, the neighbor approached the two and started to question them. The conversation took up and turned into an argument. The neighbor then left the two following which the male friend also left home.

Later the accused approached the girl who was alone in the park, but this time with 3 friends who all were residents of the neighborhood. The victim said she wasn’t alerted as they all lived near her area and that she didn’t suspect their intentions. The argument went on for some time after which the girl was dragged into a car by the guy and his three friends who arrived there.

The victim stated that as soon as she was in the car, they started the car. The accused first misbehaved with the girl which she resisted. They slapped and overpowered her following which the girl had undergone the trauma of being raped by one after the other. The vehicle in which the crime happened had reportedly been driven around 60 km in 4 hours. That night the car traveled to Domlur, Hosur Main Road, Attibele check post, and then back to Ejipura. The girl was left on a road at Ejipura and was threatened to not tell anyone about what had happened.

After getting treated for the injuries and the trauma with the help of her family, the girl came forward to file a complaint against the accused.

  1. Never thought I’ll have to remember a trip like this – Goa

30th March 2023, at a beachside Bar in Canacona, Goa, another woman went through the scariest moments of a woman’s life. A Dutch tourist visited a bar in Goa and was in her private tent on the evening of Thursday. An employee of the bar allegedly broke into her tent, not only indulging her privacy but also trying to harass her.

The woman who screamed for help was heard by a person nearby and was immediately approached. The local person who came to the spot saw what was happening and stood for the woman. The accused ran away as soon as the local person appeared but came back with a knife and attacked both the victim and the person who was there to help her.

Both the victims were taken to a nearby hospital and given treatment, the local person was identified as Eurico Nayan Dais who risked his life to save a person and was appreciated and rewarded. The accused was Abhishek Verma who worked in the bar.

  1. Offered a friendly service throughout the flight, paid with sexual assault – midway from Bangkok to Mumbai (funny how places that cannot be named also have an assault registered in it)

IndiGo flight on its way from Bangkok to Mumbai had to witness a passenger molest its air hostess. Klas Erik Harald Jonasm a 63-year-old Swedish national was traveling from Bangkok to Mumbai.

Never thought I’ll have to remember a trip like this – Goa

On the midway of flight, the passenger was served his meal by an air hostess, the hostess was then made feel uncomfortable by the accused. According to the complaint filed by IndiGo airlines against the Swedish passenger, the man started misbehaving with the air hostess while she was doing her job of serving the meals.

As soon as the flight landed in Mumbai on Thursday, the accused was handed over to Mumbai police and was arrested on the basis of the complaint filed. On Friday he was produced at the Andheri court after which he was given bail!

The three issues discussed above were all reported in a span of just one week, and honestly, these are not all, there are many that I’ve left for us to discuss later and some that are not reported yet.

The question isn’t how many are reported! The question is how many more will be reported?

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