Sometimes the wonders AI creates leave people in awe, so here is another work of AI that amazed everyone. GOT fans, get ready! This is for you.

An AI enthusiast from India handles an Instagram page where he is seen posting AI-generated pictures of celebrities and other elites. So, this time the artist posted some pictures with a caption saying – if George R. R. Martini has hired an Indian costume designer for Game of Thrones, by which he meant, how the GOT characters would look in Indian attires.

The catchy caption was accompanied by 10 pictures featuring the Game of Thrones characters in Indian ethnic wear, each slide of the post consisted of one character in a desi outfit.

This viral post and the outstanding artwork turned Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister, and Jon Snow into desi mythical characters.

The amazing art fusion had everyone appreciate the idea, and people are requesting more. Netizens are still trying to get over how detailed the art is.


The art captured every detail of Indian culture and made the character and surroundings look exactly in sync.

Social media users, art lovers, and GOT fans are going crazy seeing the artwork, some even commented saying the pictures look like they are coming straight from Indian Mythology.

The pictures not only had the characters with Indian attires but also beautifully portrayed the Indian atmosphere, the background gave the feel of old Indian cities and the palaces of the kings from Indian history.

The viral post from the artist’s Instagram is the best of all in the Indian-Western blend.

The mother of dragons – Daenerys Targaryen in a beautiful lehenga with that jewelry, the crown, looked more like a goddess from our Indian mythology.

Some netizens also commented saying Jon Snow looked like lord Krishna. The artist got so many requests for more posts in this fusion.


I know you are all very excited to know who the artist is and what the page is. The artist is from India, and this man of talent and creativity is ‘John Mulloor’.

Mulloor posted so many other creative arts on his page, and the page is titled “jyo_john_mulloor”. This AI enthusiast brings Indian history back to life with his creative skills and advanced AI technology.

AI has been creating breathtaking art, content, and many other wonders and there is no question about how useful it is to us.

In short, AI gives life to our thoughts and ideas, AI is a tool to help you explore more of your creativity. It helps understand the depth of your ideas.

We can foresee how the future looks and look back into the past and give it life with the help of AI. AI can do anything – people use AI to give life to animations, and AI can convert written texts into images.

Seeing the accuracy of AI sometimes scares me. I mean it is out of the league for something to be that perfect and too perfect to even imagine. Enjoy the technology by using it to the extent you should and I’m sure that will take you to places. But always remember, no artificial knowledge is better than our own creative knowledge.

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