Child Killed in Jammu Blast Near Site of Terror Attack That Left 4 Dead

Child Killed in Jammu Blast Near Site of Terror Attack That Left 4 Dead

Child Killed in Jammu Blast Near Site of Terror Attack That Left 4 Dead

According to officials, the event happened as a large cordon-and-search operation was underway to find two alleged terrorists who were allegedly involved in the attack from yesterday.

According to the police, an explosion in the village of Dangri in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir resulted in the death of a child and at least five injuries. According to officials, the explosion was heard close to the residence of one of the terrorist attack victims from yesterday.

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“Near the residence of the first shooting event, there was a boom. There have been five injuries. A child’s injuries led to their death. another important. The media is asked to exercise caution. Another alleged IED has been seen, and it is being neutralized “said a police officer.

In Rajouri, there are widespread anti-terrorist protests with chants criticising the government for failing to save citizens’ lives. When he went to address the demonstrators, BJP chief for Jammu and Kashmir Ravinder Raina experienced harassment as well.

“The district’s management has failed. We demand that Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha visit us and pay attention to what we have to say “Sources cited a resident’s statement.

Four people have already perished as a result of the terrorist incident that occurred in the area yesterday, one of the injured civilians passing away in the hospital.

The status of some of the nine more victims of the incident is “extremely critical,” according to medical professionals at the Government Medical College in Rajouri, where they are receiving treatment. A number of them who were badly injured have been flown to Jammu.

Deepak Kumar, Satish Kumar, Pritam Lal, and Shiv Pal have been named as the deceased.

After two persons were killed outside an Army base on December 16, this is the second occurrence of civilian homicide in the Rajouri district in the last two weeks.

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